Tuesday 19 March 2013

Sam Maloof Books

I treated myself to the latest book on Sam Maloof, at 200 pages it includes lots of high quality photos as well as plenty of text. Half the book is on Maloof and the other is on other local artists who made up the art community in the Pomona Valley between 1945 and 1945.

A wonderful Maloof rocker, I'd love to see and feel one in the flesh.

I wouldn't mind having these stools at my breakfast bar!

One of my favourites a horn chair with low arms. The low arms take the place of stretchers, strength wise, which add a lightness and balance to the design. The strong influences of Hans Wegner are clear to see.

When Maloof moved to the area just after to war he was taken on by artist Millard Sheets and this is one of his paintings.

Bob Stocksdale was a master turner. I very much liked the work of the other artists featured in the book and it all went together very well. Looking at the dates it's amazing how long lived most were including Maloof himself living to 93, this work must be good for the body as well as the sole!
If the other art doesn't interest you then the book below would suit you better, 270 pages of wall to wall Maloof, great!!


  1. David this is totally off topic but have you seen this http://vimeo.com/61698043 I got it through your link to the English Woodworker. what do you think of his designs, I really like em.

    1. Hi Mark, Very interesting video and a talented young man. The size of that shed makes it all the more remarkable! all the best, David.