Wednesday 13 March 2013

Customer Projects

Here is a jewellery box made by James in the UK. He made it after receiving my DVD 'Hand cut dovetails made easy' as a Christmas present.

I like the design with a combination of a lid and drawers, the hinges look like Andrew Crawford's  excellent box hinges, discreet and easy to install.

The fully lines interior must have taken some time. This was a 40th birthday present for James's step daughter and she was very pleased, I'm not surprised.

Steven from the US made one of my dovetail alignment boards (see my video on You Tube). Above is the rough plank, it's best to make the two parts from one continuous board and quarter sawn if possible.
The dovetails were cut with the Veritas 14 degree magnetic guide and he's done a pretty good job. He wasn't impressed with the saw Veritas recommend and is ordering a Gyokucho saw from Hida Tools. Steven also has one of my magnetic guides which is on the way to him, he should find it easier to handle and kinder to the teeth of his new saw.

Here is the finished board with the fences attached, a simple but very useful aid.

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