Saturday 8 February 2014

Customer Projects from Scotland.

Here's a really solid looking jewellry box made from Scottish Burr elm. Dutch elm disease wiped out most of the elm trees in England but Scotland got away pretty unscathed. Elm is one of my favourite timbers when you can get it!

The box has a very nice sculpted handle and is finger jointed at the corners. Sometimes John uses dovetails, probably more often now he has one of my dovetail guides!

The hand made hinges feature more sculptured work following the grain of the wood, very nice.


  1. Brilliant use of a native Scottish wood there - lovely work!

  2. Lovely use of the ornate wood on the top contrasting with the dark inside.

  3. Very unique, quality work John! Are these for sale? and how do I contact you to see the rest of your range?