Saturday 15 February 2014

New Work Bench

I don't make work benches very often, they are heavy and take up a lot of workshop space. I refer people to Richard Maguire, the expert bench maker
I'm starting the top which is made up of four sections of 65 mm thick beech. I never try to glue them up all at once, preferring to work one joint at a time. I work on the joint until it is a nice tight square fit, first on the jointer and then with a hand plane. When the joint is a good fit without clamps everything runs smoothly and I know I'm introducing the minimum of stress, which greatly reduces the chances of warping.

With the two halves skimmed through the thicknesser it's time to do the last joint for the top. I run the edge on the jointer with the top side against the fence and then the other half with the underneath side against the fence. This way any deviation from 90 degrees is cancelled out and you end up with a top that requires very little flattening once it emerges from the clamps.
All went well and a nice flat top with no glue lines or added stress is the reward.


  1. It's a shame the cameramen are gone as this would have been a great video series.

    1. I'm afraid they cost far too much to keep them hanging around while I make things, especially when they want a re take!