Sunday 24 August 2014

Alan Peters Bowl

I bought this 12" diameter elm bowl by Alan Peters on E Bay last week. I was the only one to bid, where were you all! It dates from the early 1970's and was bought from the Oxford Gallery. There was no damage but it was in a pretty sorry state. It looked very dry and had a array of stains and scratches so I decided the best thing to do was to sand it back and re finish it.

I used the domed head attachment on my Kirjes pneumatic sander for the inside and the standard drum for the outside. This is a wonderful machine and gets a lot of use in my shop (I have two).

I sanded through to 220 grit which took about 15 minutes in all.
In keeping with Alan's approach I used an oil finish and here it is after the first flood coat.

Below is the final finish after four coats, allowing the wonderful rich colour of the elm to come through. A bit better than when it arrived!


  1. Note to self: check ebay more often for hidden gems like this!

    Quick question David, "Is 'Auro' a danish/tung oil type product?"

    1. Hi Frank, no it's an oil and wax mixture. It does say it achieves full hardness in a few days but it is a penetrating rather than a surface building product like Danish oil which is actually an oil and varnish mixture. All the best, David.