Wednesday 20 August 2014

Interesting Timbers Wood Yard

Interesting Timbers is South of Bath in Somerset and well worth a visit. This was the first wood yard I had ever visited nearly 20 years ago and I remember coming back with a van full of quarter sawn oak.
Here's the owner Dave Simmons he doesn't look a day older than when we first met!

There's plenty of wood in the yard, this is a massive butt of cedar.

He has loads of timber in stock, all locally sourced and air dried which is nice.

Although everything is stacked high they are very obliging and will pull out boards wherever they are!
There is no minimum order which is also a good thing.

Oak butts in the yard awaiting sawing, they do a fair bit for timber framing.

I bought a large plank of elm, it had plenty of defects but will make loads of nice box lids/panels.
What I really wanted was this massive burr plank of sweet chestnut which is 10' long x 3" thick. It would have made three great table tops (or one Nakashima!) but it was still quite green and must have weighed a ton. My back won the day and the plank along with the rest of the log stayed put. For anyone with the strength energy and patience this would be a great buy.


  1. Hello David, is there a problem with the links to other blogs you are following, I get computer lingo instead of the blog page, or is a problem with my computer!?

    1. Hi Mark, I've just tried it on mine and it seems to work fine. All the best, David.

  2. Thanks David, it works on mine now as well, your blog page is good for following other peoples blogs, I particularly like Geremy Coys blog with the black & white photography, and skilled handtool work. Cheers.