Friday 22 August 2014

New Tools on Website.

At last I've managed to get enough shots together to make the trip to the photographer worth while.
Above is a new tool, the dovetail spline guide. It enables the slots for reinforcing splines on mitred corners to be cut dead accurately. One side is a double dovetail and the other cuts at 90 degrees. The design possibilities are endless!
 I'm not sure why the shot of the new ceramic water stones from Sigma Power has come up so small.

The 45 degree guide shown here against a mitred corner of a dovetail joint.

The magnetic honing guide sets you up perfectly for a 30 degree angle as well as square.
And below are my cabinet makers squares, a pleasure to use.
I'm planning another batch of You Tube videos in October which will show all of these products in use.


  1. Yes I will be having some of those!!!

  2. Hope you are going to have these with you at the yandles show, as I like the look of the dovetail spline guide.
    Thanks Dave