Wednesday 27 August 2014

New Batch of Lignum Jack Planes.

I don't sell many of these planes which is a surprise as it's the best all rounder, good for smoothing, flattening and for using on the shooting board. It's also a good looker!
Weighing in at 3lbs it feels really nice in the hand.

I changed the front slightly giving it a more rounded feel which I like.
I made the mouths really tight on all three.
One is sold and two are available.

I had been fitting my name plate on the side, the only area that wasn't curved! But I've not been very comfortable with this so I've found a more discreet spot underneath the blade.


  1. Beautiful work David. The point where it transitions from the concave curve near the back of the blade to the convex curve of the heel is gorgeous.

  2. They look beautiful, David. How do you finish your Lignum Vitae?

    1. I seal it with a couple of coats of melamine lacquer applied with a rag. Then follow with a top coat of Osmo Polyx oil matt and buff with 0000 wire wool. If I applied the oil direct it would never dry, the lignum is so oily.
      All the best, David.