Friday 23 October 2015

New Plane Finished.

So here it is all finished, about 8 hours work including grinding and sharpening the blade.
I've ordered some proper countersunk brass bolts to replace my home made efforts, but apart from that it turned out very well.

It is 6" long x 2" wide and 2" high with a 1 1/2" blade, bedded at 55 degrees.
I polished up the lever cap and screw head but I think a brushed finish may have been better.

The wood grain looks nice, especially with no glue line for the sides.

And the final test on some curly walnut.


  1. David, a stunner as always. I thought you were done with making planes or was it just one last hurrah that was a scratch that needed inching ???

    In case you ever did have a change of heart I would buy a mini smoother and jointer from you in a heartbeat to complete the set, but then I think I should start making my own.

    A couple of great updates, all the best ...

    1. Hi Simon, I'll never stop making planes, it's just making them to sell I've had to stop. And yes you should make some yourself it's very satisfying. All the best, David.

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