Tuesday 13 October 2015

New Woodworking Calendar 2016

Months ago I sent some tools to Holtwerken Magazine in Germany. I had forgotten all about it when this landed on my doorstep, a large A3 calendar for 2016, with beautifully shot and reproduced photographs. Translated it reads Workshop Moments 2016.

Here is my dovetail marking knife in action and below a fine Mitsukawa saw.

July has a very artistic display with my chisel hammer breaking up carved wooden ice cubes.

A Pax tenon saw in action.

and a fine thumb plane from Gerd Fritsche.
If you'd like to order your copy it is 19.90 Euros https://www.holzwerken.net/shop/buecher/kalender/werkstatt_momente_2016?cpg=TMHWB_0045


  1. looks very nice....

    Werkstatt-Momente means workshop moments, by the way.

    1. Thank you! Duly amended. All the best, David.