Tuesday 6 October 2015

Roubo Bench with BenchCrafted Classic Vice.

I met Tom recently at the European Woodworking Show and he kindly sent me these pictures of his Roubo bench build. He used the lamination method to make the mortise easier to chop and has done a nice clean job.

Below you can see the wedges being tested for a good tight fit.

He decided to add dovetailed end caps to both ends. This wasn't really necessary as he used full thickness wood for the top, but it looks very nice and has been well executed.

I don't think I've ever seen a leg chop that substantial, there isn't going to be much flex with this one!

And here he is with the finished bench complete with BenchCrafted Classic hardware. He looks very proud and so he should be!


  1. Thanks for sharing the finished product! You should be proud of it. Add to the fact that you have a very tidy work area after is also a plus! I can’t remember that my husband’s work area is like that when he is working on a project!

    Mary E. Bessler

  2. Excellent version of a robou, I've never seen a bench with such high standard furnishing or a leg chop that size or shape! Do you have a blog or platform where we can see the planning stages and how you initially made yours? Clever and a job well done!

    James P

    1. Hi James, If you look back on my Blog in August and September 2013 you will see three posts outlining the build. Also if you go on YouTube you can see a video I did Roubo Workbench Made Easy. All the best, David.