Tuesday 27 October 2015

New Work Bench on it's Way from Sweden.

Just for a change I've decided to buy a work bench rather than making it and this one is special. It comes from Leif Karlsson in Sweden http://www.workbenches.se/en/index.php
It's made in the 'old way' just the same as when the company started over 100 years ago. Leif's father made James Krenovs bench and the company has supplied benches to The College of the Redwoods and Inside Passage, as well as many other well known woodworkers over the years. His benches are shown in The Work Bench Book.
Mine is one of the smaller sizes he builds at 160 cm long but this suits the way I work, preferring two smaller benches to one large one.
Apparently this is the last bench he is going to make which is a great shame. I will treasure it all the more for that.

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