Friday 27 July 2012

Birthday Tools

It was my birthday yesterday, 52 years old. Or as my wife quipped only 8 more years and you'll be 60!
I don't feel 52, I still have the same energy and drive as when I was 30.
Anyway it gave me an excuse to invest (that's a good word) in some new hand tools. I've had a 7" Incra square for a year or so and it's an excellent tool, better balanced than an engineers square and just as accurate. It's also guaranteed to stay square if it's dropped, but I haven't put that to the test yet. I bought (sorry invested in) the 5" version which doesn't sound much different, but it's about half the weight and much more handy for smaller work.

One very useful feature is a lip on the main stock which helps to support the square against an edge. I don't use my engineers squares any more.

It comes in a very nicely fitted box, although this has already been added to my box pile on a top shelf.

I also ordered a Gremercy holdfast which is about as simple a tool as you can get. It fits a 3/4" hole and is secured with a firm rap, it works very well.

It is shown here with a Veritas hold down and you can see it has a much better reach as well as depth. It also doesn't have the annoying habit of throwing off the nut when you want a nice firm hold. I think the Veritas will be on E Bay shortly.

I love nicely made tools and Starrett do just that. These didn't cost that much and my cheap Chinese ones have been binned, I'm learning!
The 3/4" augur bit is for holes in a work bench I'm just about to build, which this space.


  1. Never pays to buy cheap David! Keep up the "investing". I think one of the Incra squares is in my near future as well.

  2. If you actually purchased a Gramercy holdfast, you got ripped off, that's a Jorgensen hold fast. That's also not a Veritas hold down that you've pictured it with.

  3. It said Gramercy on the invoice. Yes you are right the holdfast is made by Leigh Industries, my apologies to Veritas.