Tuesday 24 July 2012

Workshop storage

While I was away in Holland I bought a large tool cabinet on E Bay which I picked up yesterday. Even though I had the measurements it still surprised me how big it was in real life. These are the cabinets used in car workshops and I was surprised to learn that each mechanic had to buy their own. The young man who sold it to me was emigrating to Australia and it was obviously his pride and joy, it wasn't cheap but it was a third of the new price.

I was fed up of having my tools spread out all over the workshop, in shelves, boxes, drawers, cupboards etc. This tool box is big enough to hold everything in one place with each drawer labelled with its contents. As I started to fill the cabinet it became obvious how useful this was going to be, I should have done this years ago!


  1. I keep my tools (woodworking, machinist, drill press accessories, pneumatic, and on and on and ON) in a variety of mechanics toolchests.

    Snap-on is a great brand; so far I've gone cheap and have a motley assortment of mismatched Sears cases.

    I think going whole-hog and getting a massive Snap-on is a great idea.

  2. Thanks for your comments, in loading it up I've found tools I'd forgotten I had!

  3. Nice way to store your tools. I design of this cabinet is awesome and better to store variety of different tools. It's really hard to find them when they stored somewhere else.
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