Thursday 19 July 2012


At last something woody! This guitar shop was in the capitol of Zeeland, Middleberg.
The shop declared itself as having hand made and antique guitars and they must have been worth a fair bit as I was followed closely around. I don't know too much about musical instruments but I did see some incredibly fine grained spruce it these guitars.

The shop assistant didn't seem to keen on me taking photos see that's all I could manage before being ushered out!

No trip to Holland would be complete without a shot of one of these. There were surprisingly few around especially considering the force of the wind off the North Sea, in fact there seem to be far more giant wind turbines, a sign of the times.

This country is very clean indeed and I've never seen so many perfectly clipped hedges and neat gardens. The style of the houses is also distinctive and even the newer ones were sympathetic in style, take note England.

Many of the houses are very small although they seem to give the impression of being larger, maybe it's the large windows and bold roof lines. The older villages had a church at the centre, again immaculately tended, with a circle of old cottages and shops going right round, very picturesque.
We'll be back in the UK tomorrow, it's been a great break but I'm looking forward to seeing my workshop again, England isn't all bad!

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