Wednesday 11 July 2012

Japanese Dovetail Chisels

I ordered a set of dovetail chisels made by famous chisel maker Tasai from
They have a very understated all black appearance. I will be making a special box to house these chisels and I'm very much looking forward to putting them through their paces.

The sides are very thin and ideal for dovetailing, the blue steel is tough and best for hard woods.

The Tasai stamp within a diamond shaping on the blade.

Here is the 3/4" chisel next to a top quality mokume chisel by Tasai senior, this one is definitely not understated!

Here is a picture of one of my standard chisels I use at shows, although the profile is dovetailed the sides were quite thick and required grinding down to make them suitable for fine dovetailing.


  1. lovely chisels, you also have a set of Barr chisels, do you find that you need different types (Japanese/western) of chisel for different tasks, or are you addicted to buying tools. I`m in rehab at the moment for this very serious money draining condition.

  2. Hi Mark, some chisels are better than others for certain tasks, but in truth they will all get the job done. I love fine tools and I'm out of rehab, for the moment!