Sunday 15 July 2012

Cycling Holiday in the Netherlands

On Friday we drove through the channel tunnel and on to the Netherlands for a cycling holiday. Saturday was a wash out and so we went shopping instead. We were discussing what typified Dutch food when we passed this shop!

Next stop was the supermarket and it was great to see some consideration given to the male of the species, every shopping trolley had a retractable rack for beer crates.

There was also a 'man bench' near the entrance.

The second day started much the same as our first, but we got the rain gear on and went out anyway. Here's my wife and son at the bottom of what classes as a hill in the Netherlands.

The day quickly brightened up and we were soon in T shirts cycling along the top of some lovely sandy beaches. Over here bikes seem to take priority over cars and they are very well catered for with excellent cycle paths everywhere.

The beer crates are even a good fit for bike racks. The local Amstel lager is lovely.
I've been keeping my eyes open but there's nothing woody to report.


  1. Hope you and your family had a good time and I agree that amstel is quite nice.

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