Tuesday 14 August 2012

Jointers and Smoothers

This order for a jointer, high angled smoother and dovetail guide was posted to Kansas last week. I've had a run on these two planes recently and with shows at Yandles 8-9th September and European Woodworking 21-22nd September I need to top up my stocks.
The smoother below in Indian rosewood had some nice grain.

Saturday was not a good day for me. In the morning I was cleaning off some excess epoxy from the marking knives with a scalpel and you can guess what came next! I'm not going to show you a picture but the gash to the inside of my left index finger required attention.
We had the neighbours round in the evening and I ate something which disagreed with me, sickness and diarrhoea followed in the night and I spent all day Sunday in bed recovering.

Fully recovered I made a start on the planes. Here are the all the blanks for the two planes, the smoothers have had the Lignum bases glued on and trimmed up.


  1. Hope your finger's better. Konrad Sauer has a post on his blog that makes me wince every time I think of it. You can never be too careful in the workshop. Received one of your Dovetail Guides for my birthday, I love it. Just need to find a project to do it justice.

    1. Hi David, When you do find a project I'd like to see the result. All the best, David.