Monday 20 August 2012

Smoothers and Jointers continued

Here's my set up for routing the slot for the chip breaker screw, I nearly forgot to do this before gluing up, not a good idea!!
This is not necessary on the high angle smoother as has a single 1/4" thick blade with no chip breaker.

Here are the jointers after initial shaping on the band saw, this only takes about 3 minutes for each plane but transforms them.

The next shaping stage is on the bobbin sander which refines the shape and removes all the band saw marks.

The ridges left by the bobbin sander are then smoothed over with a random orbit sander.

The final stage is with the Kirjes pneumatic sander working through 120, 150 and 220 grits. This leaves a silky smooth surface with no bumps and I can highly recommend this machine to anyone who does curved work.

I cleaned  off the glue squeeze out from the inside of the mouths with a sharp chisel. I made this little tray for my Blue Spruce chisels and I've found it extremely useful, it can be lifted on and off the bench and keeps things tidy and to hand.


  1. David,

    The Kirjes system is nice. However, I really wish that it would run in reverse. There are a few applications where that would be useful. Do you use the dust shroud? Besides collecting the dust, it also allows me to choke up on the tool, placing my hand over the chuck for detailed work.


    1. Hi Chris, it sounds like you have have more experience with the system than me! I use the Veritas magnetic dust shroud from their router table, it works very well. All the best, David.

  2. Hello David,
    What width bandsaw blade do you use for the shaping and what make is it?

    Regards, Mark White

  3. Hi Mark, I used the same 1" blade to shape as I used to cut the sides, it is a Lennox Trimaster carbide tipped blade. A narrower blade would have been better for the tighter curves but it just meant a little more work on the bobbin sander. All the best, David.