Monday 27 August 2012

Weekend in London

This weekend we went to London to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary. We walked through Sloane Square and came across the showroom of David Linley. The furniture on display was very nice but all veneered, not my cup of tea. The humidor top left was £16,500, that's a good enough reason to give up smoking!!

A few doors along there was a posh antique shop with a pair of these massur birch cabinets.

In the next window of the same shop was a Nakashima armchair. The shop was closed so I couldn't go in and have a closer look, shame.

On the road to Buckingham Palace we saw the guards on parade, it was a lovely day.

Outside Buckingham Palace, the flag shows the Queen was in residence, but we didn't see her!

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  1. Heading to London this weekend, maybe the antique shops would be added to our agenda.

    Thanks for posting.