Tuesday 28 August 2012

Jointers finished

After a few diversions the latest batch of jointers is finished. This one is for left handed use and is on its way to California. The fence is shaped and fitted to the right hand side of the plane.
As the Indian Rosewood was so dark I decided to make the knob and cross pin from Concalo Alves to give a nice contrast. The wedge is oak which has good spring for firmly gripping the blade.

The rosewood came up very nicely with 4 coats of Melamine Lacquer, an oil finish would have lost the definition of the grain.

Here is one in Bubinga, the heaviest plane in this batch. It's pictured with the fence attached ready for work.

Bubinga has a strong tendency to blotch with an oil finish, this is avoided if the wood is sealed with shellac or lacquer as I've done here.

The last wood I used was Concalo Alves and this turned out nicely as well. This responds very well to an oil finish and came up with a nice soft sheen.
It has a streak of brown so typical with this wood.

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