Saturday 1 September 2012

Wood Storage

My wood store is a mess! I have about 200 cube of timber (about 2,500 board feet for those in the US)

Wood piled upon wood, I wonder what's at the back.

This was not a very safe place, I think this shelf and it's support are at their limit!

The following pictures are some of the wood that resurfaced, above is a board of figured Cuban mahogany.

A thick plank of rippled olive wood, without any cracks.

More olive wood, imagine what this would look like book matched.

Zirocote transitioning from the sap to the heartwood.

Some lovely brown oak, one of my favourite woods.

This piece of figured ash was bought from the Edward Barnsley workshops at the end of my two weeks there, this was the last piece of a whole butt of wonderful wood.

Madagascan rosewood at it's best, with black lines and varying shades.

Some rippled English walnut bought from the workshops of the late Alan Peters. With wood like this I must stop making so many tools and make more furniture.

After a days work things looked a bit more organised and safer!

I can now see the wood from the trees (sorry!)

During the tidy up I filled 26 sacks of wood for the fire, a combination of trimming up waney edged boards and getting rid of unpromising timber, I should be be this ruthless more often!


  1. The rippled olive wood looks amazing. That's a wonderful collection of timber.

  2. Hi David, The olive is lovely and extremely dense, it wouldn't float if dropped in water. My stock has taken years to build up, buying the best and most interesting wood I can find. All the best, David

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