Sunday 9 September 2012

Benchcrafted Moxon vice

I took my new bench, fitted with the Benchcrafted Moxon vice, to the Yandles show and gave it it's first real workout. This vice is ideal for dovetailing and I very quickly got used to spinning the wheels. For anyone interested in seeing it in more depth please visit

You can see how it can accommodate a wide range of boards without any guide bars getting in the way. I've made this bench with the bar for the undershelf low enough to provide a comfortable foot rest whilst I'm seated. There is no top bar so that I can tuck my legs under and work as if it were a desk, the wheels are spaced 2' apart so they don't get in the way. This is great for close up, delicate work such as chopping back to the gauge line on dovetails.

Here's one of my demo dovetails showing my magnetic dovetail guide attached to the saw.

A shot of me cutting the pins in a nice relaxed seated position.

 Banging another joint together whilst enjoying a joke with the on lookers. I let some of them have a go themselves just to show how easy it was with the magnetic guide.

Part of a days work, each joint takes about 5 minutes and is assembled straight from the saw. I was very please with the performance of the bench and vice and this will be the one I will use for all my shows.

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