Monday 3 September 2012

High Angle Smoothers

Here is the last of the batch in Indian Rosewood, this one has lovely lighter streaks reminiscent of Brazilian Rosewood.

A pretty backside!

This plane was saved to last as the mouth turned out a touch too wide to sell. Adding a dovetailed brass insert  sorted  it out. The mouth is now extremely narrow and suitable for the finest work on the most figured woods.
Here is one of the batch of Rose Bubinga planes just completed, they all have Rosewood cross pins and brown oak wedges just to add a touch of contrast. They turned out very nicely.


  1. How is the brass insert attached? Is it friction fit?

  2. Hi, it's certainly a tight fit and the dovetail shape works to resist the direction of planing, although I have used a little epoxy resin to make sure it stays put. All the best, David.