Thursday 20 September 2012

Chisel Tray (Blue Spruce)

I've had a request for details on my chisel tray which I've found very useful. I made it when I moved my main bench away from the wall and lost access to my wall mounted tools, although now I wouldn't go back wherever my bench was. It keeps the chisels neat, tidy and safe and right where you want them. you'll notice I've added space for one of may marking knives in African Blackwood to match.
The dimensions are 10 1/2" x 8 1/4" x 1 1/2" high. The birds eye maple is 3/8" and the walnut is 5/8". The width between the chisels at their widest is 1/8".

The walnut insert is grooved to accept each chisel size quite tightly and it has chamfered tops to allow easy entry of the blades. The depth of the grooves allows the blades to sit flat and the base of the handle section is lined with leather to prevent scratching the beautifully finished handles.

When I make another for my recently acquired Tasai chisels I might add a sliding lid to keep the dust out, but then maybe not!

Today I received a gift from a good customer in Canada, it is beautifully weighted and very nicely made, thank you Rich. I will use it for adjusting my planes, brass for the blade and the wood (desert ironwood from Konrad Sauer) for the plane body. It certainly beats the one I've been using!!


  1. David,
    Thanks for the info on the boxes, will be making a couple for my new Harold & Saxon chisels.

    Enjoy the hammer!


  2. A bit off topic but,
    I bought your finishing DVD at Yandles, I am interested
    in using your method of Shellac and then wax on my next piece. The wax you use is from Australia, is there a UK supplier or a UK equivalent that you could recommend.

    Regards, Mark White

  3. Hi Mark, that's an easy and quick finish to use, which looks good too. The was is made by Gilly Stephenson and is available mail order from Good Timber I hope this helps, All the best, David.

  4. Thanks David, I hope its going well for you at Cressing.