Friday 19 October 2012

Antique Woodworking Magazines

I visited Dansell Gallery recently to take down some more stock and Danielle showed my a couple of boxes of old woodworking magazines. The earliest of them dated back to 1914, almost 100 years ago and I couldn't leave without buying two. They cost me £5 each which was good value for something as rare and old as this, although when I looked at the cover price 3d I realised that was about 1.5 pence (1 cent) in today's money! She has plenty left if anyone is interested

Here is a shot of the back covers, the adverts were fascinating and more interesting than the articles inside!
 J Buck was advertising a work bench for under £2, albeit a flimsy looking thing.

A nice article on a tool chest with measurements.

This is an interesting advert for a sharpening jig which could easily be made in the workshop.

The articles and text look very similar to the layout of the early copies of Fine Woodworking.

Here is a lovely piece from the Gallery with sculpted end panels.

Some tables in the upstairs gallery.

As well as furniture they stock a selection of my planes and other tools which have been selling very well this year. The jointer in the background is an extra long 22" plane, it's a beast!


  1. The patent of the sharpener is here:

    Do you mind if I use the photo of the advertisement in an articel of vintage honing guides?

    I have hundreds of Woodwroker mags, but the nearest to this ones are May and Aug 1914, and then Jan 1915, in nonedoes advert appear. I suspect a short advertising run, and and guide can so easily be made - a short production run.


    1. Hi Peter, No problem, help yourself to the images. All the best, David.