Friday 12 October 2012

D&M Tool show.

 Every year D&M hold a very popular power tool show at Kempton Park Racecourse.It is always very well attended and people come to buy. Outside the entrance there are always a couple of marquees demonstrating tools for log conversion, very timely with gas prices going up by 9% today!

The Festool stand is always a pleasure to visit, here is a customer trying out the new extra large Domino machine, it was very impressive and is capable of fitting much larger and longer Dominoes. I have the smaller version which is a great machine and more than adequately sized for the work I do. But if that changes I would be very tempted.

When I have come here in the past I have always added to my Bessey clamp collection, but I have reached the stage where I have enough. The newer version of the bar clamp is vastly superior to the old one and I have sold my old ones on E Bay.

Although I didn't buy any clamps I couldn't resist this pivoting attachment which will be a lot quicker than making up angled blocks. I just hope when I have the need, I remember I've got them!

My other purchase was a set of top quality and innovate spanners from Wera. My set of crappy Chinese spanners will be going straight in the bin.

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