Wednesday 10 October 2012

'Good Woodworking' mini smoother review.

6 months ago I gave Andy King of Good Woodworking magazine a few of my tools to try and I had forgotten about it. So it was a very nice surprise to see a two page spread on my Mini Smoother in the latest issue, it even managed to get on the cover as well!

Andy really liked the plane and was very complimentary as you can read below. This was particularly meaningful as Andy is well known for being very truthful in his product appraisals.

I've had plenty of interest and a few orders already, thanks Andy!


  1. I can also vouch for this mini smoother, I have the bacote one and use it as often as my larger Marcou smoother. It is very effective and the size is deceiving in its practicality.

    Get one!

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  3. Hi David, I wish you would give me a plane and then forget about it.
    Address available on request!

    Regards, Mark White

    Ps It could be a good marketing strategy, give me a plane, I will use it at Bridgwater college, all the other students will want one.

  4. Hi Mark,
    Unfortunately I'm not quite that forgetful or benevolent! But nice try!
    All the best,