Thursday 25 October 2012

Dream Workshop!

No it's not my workshop! It belongs to Kent Adkins and you can see a video of it here
It's a lovely building with a huge amount of space and just look at that machinery!

I've had a few conversations with Kent recently and he sent me these pictures of a current project in butternut.  This is not a wood I'm familiar with in the UK but apparently it's a cousin of walnut.

Here is a magnificent figured board of butternut with some nice figuring for the top. It measures an impressive 82'' x 22'', well if you have that sort of machinery you might as well make the most of it!


  1. Butternut is white walnut. It has been planted a lot around farms in my part of Nebraska. We have some on my families farm. I hear it is good for carving I need to find out. I know it does work good with and ax as I hewed a log of it once at a threasing bee.

  2. Thanks for the information, I guess we won't see any this side of the pond. All the best, David.

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