Wednesday 3 October 2012

Heidi's Bench

Just to show it's not all toolmaking in my workshop, here is my latest project. I haven't blogged the progress as I've written an article for Furniture and Cabinet Making magazine and they don't like their projects appearing somewhere else first.  The top is figured oak and the legs are Wenge. It is 7' long and designed to be used as back up seating for dinner parties.

The single wedged tenons for the rail have been executed the 'Barnsley' way for strength and good looks.

The figured oak top was curved for comfort. Getting this smooth and even was no mean feat over the full 7' and added considerably to the making time; but well worth it.
Heidi is a good client and she seemed very pleased with the result.


  1. Very nice piece David, the curved top seems like a nice touch on an otherwise traditional piece.

    Well executed.


  2. Beautiful piece of work as always. I like the contrast between the oak and wenge. It certainly has pleasant lines that are easy on the eyes, and the look is inviting you to sit on it.
    Nice work.