Sunday 25 November 2012

Marking Gauges

I have back orders for marking gauges so time for another batch. This is the gauge I use.
This time I decided to cut the stems exactly to length and rout them in pairs for safety, flipping  the block and then  doing the other side. My added fences are acting as stop blocks to limit the cut at both ends.
Here are the resulting stems awaiting final fitting on the disc sander.
An invaluable tool in accurate work. A good quality digital calliper  is well worth the investment, lacking all the annoying  little faults of the cheaper Far Eastern ones.
Another very useful tool is this 6" rule made by Incra, I've had it for years and it gets daily use. Using a .5mm pencil it marks lines in increments of .25 of a mm. I have the 12" one as well but this rarely gets used.
This is the piece the heads are going to be made from with a 1.5mm deep groove  in the centre to take  the stems.
Here are the heads cut to size waiting for shaping.


  1. Excellent work .. Congratulations....

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    1. Those gauges are beautiful where do you get the cutters from?

    2. Hi Aaron, they are made by Woodjoy in the US. All the best, David.