Sunday 4 November 2012

Largest Batch of Bench Planes!

Firstly I would like to apologise to those who have been waiting for their planes they will be posted tomorrow.
The batch is 17 in all, 4 x Jack planes, 6 x 9" smoothers and 7 x high angle smoothers, the most I've done in one go. They are pictured awaiting final finishing and blades sharpening.

I sharpen all my plane blades with a small curve, even my jointer. The Hock blades come beautifully ground and are thick enough to sharpen free hand using the heal and toe of the bevel to keep the angle straight. You can see the curve tapering away at each side, I dress my water stones on the Odate Dressing plate and it gives me a perfect curve every time.

Here is the batch finished, checked and ready for boxing.

The stock was nicely grained and bang on quarter sawn, which helps greatly with keeping the sole flat through changes in humidity.

The grain of the Jack plane and the 9" smoothers came from one large board and was particularly nice.

Two sides of a Jack plane shown above and below.

The resin glue used (see previous post) worked nicely and most of the planes had near invisible glue lines.
The rigidity of this glue will prevent any tiny creep over time.
I'm glad this batch is off my bench!


  1. Some cracking looking planes there. I've just taken up woodworking as a hobby and have been scraping my pennies together for various tools. I really envy people like yourself who make great looking tools so easily.

    1. Hi Marsha, thanks for your comments, it's a great hobby to have, keep at it! All the best, David.