Friday 16 November 2012

Dovetail Course Finished

Emily paring pins for her dovetail alignment board.

Careful paring of tails for the pivot hinge dovetail box.

An 18th C cabinet in for restoration. It's amazing the contrast between the fancy outside and the extremely plain inside. One of the drawers had so much woodworm it looked like the backing board for a dart board!

On day 2 it was Rio's birthday, I'm not sure he wanted the fuss but he was happy to blow out the candles.

Three days of intensive woodworking and they're all still smiling, or is that just relief! Everyone managed to make the dovetail alignment board as well as the dovetailed box. This was a very enjoyable course and I hope everyone benefited.


  1. David, do you ever wonder as I do, with all the furniture making courses available which all seem to be very well attended, is there anyone left to sell furniture to!

    1. Hi Mark, yes there are certainly many more teachers around than 15 or 20 years ago but woodworker numbers in this country are still very small. I have bought a number of furniture pieces by other makers and I've also sold numerous pieces to fellow woodworkers, the Nakashima Wall Cabinet was the last one. All the best, David.