Friday 30 November 2012

David Stanley General Auction

Another visit to David Stanley's enjoyable auction. There were the usual familiar faces and a good selection of tools.

I keep being tempted by lovely old tool boxes, and this was a particularly fine example.

The general auctions are mainly for tools not considered worthy of the international sales, although this very rare Norris 11 mitre plane was included and sold for £5,800 + commission!

Here's my little haul! Three Spiers smoothers including a very early one, two Norris smoothers, one Mathieson smoother, two shoulder planes and a steel soled brass Norris bull nose  Most need some attention   which is work I really enjoy, you just have to pick the right ones at the right price to make it profitable.
My favourite is this Mathieson smoother dating from around 1900, it has a fine undamaged handle with elegant spur and the original Mathieson parallel iron, giving a very tight mouth.
I will probably start tinkering with these tomorrow, I just can't resist!


  1. I was desperate to go to this auction but couldn't make it. Looks like I missed another wonderful opportunity to get some great tools. The slender shoulder plane looks great.

  2. Hi David, You must come along one day they are a nice crowd. I bought the Spiers shoulder plane plus a Spiers smoother for £150 (the pair) from one of the stallholders, a real bargain. All the best, David.

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