Tuesday 27 November 2012

Knew Concepts Saws

I'm a big fan of the Knew Concepts fret saws, they are dead accurate and very easy to use, great for removing the waste from dovetails. This is their new titanium birdcage version which is super rigid and can pull up the blade extremely tightly with the cam mechanism.

The saw weighs more than the normal aluminium ones but with only 3" of depth and the blade angled at 45 degrees it felt very comfortable. In use the rigid blade was very nice. If you want one it'll set you back $195.

This is the new heavy duty coping saw with cam lever and 360 degree rotational pins, a lovely saw to use and so it should be at $149!
Both these saws are wending their way to David Charlesworth who will be doing a magazine review on them. I look forward to hearing his opinion.


  1. DAVID,
    I have the KC 5" saw and it is plenty stiff enough for wasting dovetail cutouts. I tried out all the models at the recent Woodworking in American and had a great chat with the designer. I used this saw on one project and threw my old saw away. My opinion is that the birdcage is stiffer, but the regular saw is plenty stiff enough to get the job done.
    These are nice tools to use, I'm sure David C. will like them also.


    1. Hi Richard, you are right, the standard saws are just as good for use with dovetailing, but I'm sure there's a market!
      All the best, David.

  2. Hello mr Barron.

    I am a big fan of your work and admirer of your talent, I have been following your blog for long time and I have to say sorry because of not to write in it before. I am from spain and due to i have no many chances to practice it, it turns out a bit hard sometimes so I seemed to be lazy. Well the point is I know these fret saws and I love it as well, I just was wondering where I can get them here in europe, cause I dont want to deal with customs if I would be ordering them to USA. Nothing else by now, thanks a lot for sharing your musings and keep it up.
    My best from spain

    Julio Alonso