Tuesday 2 April 2013

Loading For Yandles Show

 Yandles Spring show is this Friday and Saturday and I've spent this evening getting things ready. All this lot (including the bench) squeezes into my estate car (station wagon). I also get in my stand and stool, thank goodness the trestle tables are provided! Although I take about £6,000 worth of stock there always seems to be some tool that sells out.
These stacking storage boxes make transportation easier and safer. I have about 25 in the workshop and they're a great space saver, they're not so great when the tool you want is in the bottom box.
The weather has been unseasonally cold, I'm hoping it's going to pick up a bit as my stand is in one of the marquees. Demonstrating dovetails with frozen fingers is not much fun!


  1. Best of luck with the show mate and I hope you sell out.

    Maybe you should consider getting a Transit ;P

    1. I've been looking at a VW van, the day is coming soon! All the best, David