Tuesday 16 April 2013

New Article F&C Magazine

The latest Furniture and Cabinet Making is out with an article on my Oak bench. The cover shows the technique I used for wedged tenons which I was shown at the Barnsley Workshops.
That furry thing to the right is one of our dogs letting me know it's time for a walk.

The bench was too big for my photographers studio, hence the poor quality picture. I must learn how to take better photos

The board for the curved top came from this 8' board of figured oak, it weighed a ton!

These pictures show the angled saw cuts and the trial fitted wedges. The wedges are carefully made to fit the angle of the flared mortice perfectly.

Here's the result, a strong as well as good looking joint.


  1. David,

    I love that bench, going to use that curved top design for something really unique.

    1. Hi Rich, I look forward to seeing what you make, a curve like this is nothing compared to your rocker. All the best, David.