Saturday 6 April 2013

Yandles Show, a Good One!

It's always nice to see planes made after reading my articles in F&C magazine. This was a nice pair, the left one has a Ron Hock blade and the other has an old blade bedded at 57 degrees.

David Charlesworth called by for a chat. He recommends my dovetail guide and was rather taken with my high angle spoke shave. He has some space left on his Summer courses, Hartland is a lovely place to visit, particularly in the Summertime.

Bridgwater College is one of the best colleges in the country for budding cabinet makers, thanks in no small part to Steven Hopper (the one on the right wearing the furry hat). That hat never came off all weekend!  He worked for the late, great Alan Peters for many years, you can't get much better qualified than that.

This box with hand cut dovetails has a lift off lid with very delicate chamfers, allowing just enough room for finger tips, a nice touch.

A more advanced piece incorporating lots of hand skills.

Next to me at the show was James Mursell, a very nice man who makes fine Windsor chairs, they are very comfortable as you can see! He also teaches highly rated chair making classes at his work shops and West Dean College. James produces a range of very efficiently shaves which are great tools and good sellers.
Despite the cold weather this was a very well attended show and good for business, although I'm not sure the ice cream van man did so well!


  1. Interesting collection of folks! I would love to make it over there for one of these shows, I am sure it would be very enlightening.

    Hopefully you sold lots of tools as well.


    1. Hi Rich,
      I'm sure it would but a long way to come! Sales were very good thanks. David Charlsworth was among the many admirers of your fine hammer. All the best, David.