Wednesday 10 September 2014

Customer Roubo Bench

Here's a great looking Roubo bench from a customer here in the UK. Plain, simple, sturdy and all the better for the Classic hardware from Bench Crafted. David made it to the same dimensions as the one shown in my You Tube video, 5' long x 20" deep x 37" high. I'm pleased about the height, as I'm sure his back will be in time! 33" - 34" is just too low for comfortable work.
I think every woodworker should make their own bench, it's very satisfying and almost a rite of passage. You can custom it to suit you, the obvious feature here is the left handed set up.
It is also knock down which makes it much easier to move around.
The picture below shows the method of lining up the top to the base, a nicely rounded large dowel.
It's important (as here) to do this on the front legs so the front edge stays flush with the frame as the top expands and contracts with the seasons.
Also note the well executed draw bore tenons for the frame.

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