Monday 15 September 2014

Last Day at the Show.

Now the WIA show has been clearly advertised as running from the 12th to 14th September, so while my son looked round the knife show I thought I'd pop in to WIA for a last look round. If I thought it was quiet on Friday, it was positively deserted now!

I'm not quite sure how the show can run for 3 days but the exhibitors only stay for two!
Anyway it probably saved me some money and I joined my son in the knife show.

There was a wide range of knives on display, varying from first time amateurs to seasoned full time pros as shown with this wonderful damascus knife made by David Warren at $1,500

One of the stands had some very sturdy looking chisels which were 1/4" thick, a bit OTT but would probably fare well at some Roubo mortises. They were pretty good for a first attempt, but the price of $120 each was a bit hopeful.

He also had a souped up Stanley no 5 on the stand with a massive 1/4" thick blade and lever cap. The problem of the adjuster working with the thick blade was overcome by adding slots to the blade rather than the chipbreaker. It felt nice and heavy in the hand, although the blade was prevented from sitting flat on the frog by the lateral adjuster so all the benefit of the thick blade was lost by lack of proper support. Nice idea, but back to the drawing board!

Later on we visited a local gun club and the range of guns was incredible!

The handguns made a tremendous noise and we both jumped when we first heard one go off, even with the ear defenders on. Harry was a good shot but at $90 a session I didn't join him.

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