Friday 26 September 2014

New Veritas Bench Planes

At the WIA show Veritas had something to unveil (in typical North American style!)
And here it is a new range of bench planes, they are heavy, solid and look a lot better than the originals.

With each of the five models there will be choices, lots of them! You can choose your blade angle in one degree increments as well as the type of blade, the style of the tote and the shape of the front bun.

I think all this choice is great for the experienced hand tool user, although I think those less experienced will need some help and guidance to make the correct choice.
I still feel the best workshop plane is a jack plane with a 45 degree angle and a nice tool steel blade, but then maybe I'm a bit old fashioned! I would also go for a smoother around 55 degrees to handle difficult grain.

So there we go a great new range of planes which I'm sure will be available this side of the pond in the very near future, well done Veritas!

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  1. Oh no, more lovely tools from Veritas, where`s the credit card!