Tuesday 18 December 2012

Brass Hammer Heads

When I made a batch of chisel hammers recently I asked if anyone knew of an easier way to shape the heads and someone did, by CNC.  I ordered a batch of 100 and they arrived today, I'm not going to miss all that shaping!

The finish was good enough to use but I'll still probably buff them to a shine.

Below is the door for my wall mounted tool chest going through my new wide belt sander. It was a bit wider than the 18" capacity so it had to be reversed, it wasn't perfectly level so I need to adjust it, but it was a pleasure to see no hint of burning.

I'm writing an article on the tool chest for F&C magazine so I can't show too much on the making. The shot below shows the lid being cut off on the table saw, nerve racking stuff especially after so much work!
All went well.


  1. Got any more of those brass heads you want to sell me? :)

    Where did you get them done. I'm looking to make a few of these myself.

    1. Hi They are made here in the UK and now come polished. The cost is $20 each plus shipping. All the best David.

  2. Good evening. Please can I buy a brass hammer head.

  3. I would like to buy one, as well