Thursday 27 December 2012

Chisel Box, Andaman Padouk

I bought this set of Tasai chisels a little while ago and it's about time I made them a box.
The sides are laid out and marked with coloured dots, a very useful habit.

The chisels have a lovely balance and feel.

I'm cutting the dovetails for the box with a small hand made dovetail saw by Mitsukawa.
It's nice to cut dovetails without my magnetic guide once in a while just to show I still can!

The Andaman padouk has a wonderful orangey red colour.

James Krenov wrote that cutting dovetails in this hard brittle timber required extra care, and he was right! The fit had to push together by hand, if it needed a hammer it would split.

This is the little finger pull, carving is not my strong point so I kept it small.

The chisel housings were custom fitted on the table saw.
The even reveal was achieved on the router using my favourite Becksvoort router bit.