Tuesday 11 December 2012

ECE Wooden Planes

Here is an ECE Emerich wooden smoother from Germany. These planes are more popular than metal planes over there and if you get a chance to try one you will understand why. They are very comfortable to hold and have the perfect adjustment system which is held under tension and has no backlash whatsoever. This was a bargain from E Bay at £50, they cost upwards of £150 new.

The sole is Lignum Vitae which is extremely hard wearing and very slippery. It has an adjustable mouth which is very useful for the finest smoothing tasks. The iron is bedded at 49 degrees.

The method of attaching the sole is very complicated but makes sure it never separates. Complete overkill but it looks pretty!

They also make a very comfortable little block plane which is a little cracker to use. It's made in the same way but doesn't have an adjustable mouth, the large knob acts as the blade adjuster and handle.

For those who were wondering what the Spiers plane looked like finished here are a few shots.


  1. You really are a plane-nut par excellence! I like the laminated ECE Emmerich planes, I've made a few Lignum soled planes, though mine are usually simply rebated on with a single tongue & groove, not this fine-toothed over-kill.
    The Spiers looks superb. Is it for sale, & if so, for how much?

  2. Hi Adrian, I'd like to see some pictures of the planes you have made. I simply glue mine on flat with Polyurethane glue, I've never had a problem. I will look to sell the planes one day but for now I'm building up my collection, learning as I go. All the best, David.

  3. Nice to see your opinion on the ECE planes as I've been giving them some considerable thought lately on purchasing a couple of them.

    1. Hi, you'll enjoy them, E Bay is good but if you want new then Dictum Tools in Germany is the cheapest. One thing to be aware of is the block comes with a very wide mouth, this really needs to be closed down with an inserted patch to work at bits best. All the best, David.

  4. I've had both types of the ECE planes shown. Sold both of them on. I didn't take to the ECE adjuster (with the spring) because removing the blade seemed more like an obstacle course. I now own the simpler wedged version, which is altogether simpler and better IMO.
    I do regret selling the little ECE 'block plane' though.
    I used to make wooden Planes with adjustable mouths (the 'linux Plane') but I doubt that super tight mouths are that critical unless it's difficult wood and it's used as a smoother.