Friday 7 December 2012

Winter is Here!

Winter has definitely arrived, freezing during the day as well as the night. Earlier this year we had a wood burning stove fitted, I've never had one before. I thought I could keep it going with offcuts from the work shop, think again! This thing eats wood for fun but it keeps the whole house really warm.

Another small batch of dovetail guides awaiting fitting of the low friction pads.

Packing the guides in these cute little boxes with full instructions.

I had a delivery of magnets for the guides today, this picture shows a box of 600 beautifully and efficiently packed, I love dealing with the Germans. They included a nice thank you card, some sweets and a couple of fridge magnets, a very nice touch. I could learn a lot from their customer care.

Below is a 3" thick board of figured bubinga bought yesterday from Yandles wood yard. This is more difficult to work than standard stock but will produce some lovely planes.

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