Saturday 22 December 2012

What a Waste!

These pieces of curly birch came from my latest delivery of fire wood, can you believe someone chopped up a log this nice? I've saved these pieces which should manage some small box lids when they have dried.

Just look at the movement in that grain.

On a happier note I visited Bob at Timberline and bought some more of that wonderful Andaman Padouk which came from the late Alan Peters work shop. James Krenov waxed lyrical over this stuff and I'm very much looking forward to making a box or wall cabinet from it (soon I hope!)

I also  bought this board of Cuban mahogany, yes it was one board all 15' of it! I had to chop it into 3 to get it into my estate car.
It had been cut 1/2" thick over its whole length and was bang on quarter sawn. The middle third of the board is the heart with plenty of cracks but the outer part of both sides is heavily rippled along the full length of the board. This is rare stuff and will make wonderful panels, perhaps with the Andaman padouk.


  1. Hi David,
    That sure is a lovely collection of wood, looking forward to seeing what becomes of the Padouk.
    Perhaps you know Steve Hopper who used to run Alan's workshop? I got one of his star students, Blake Fewster, over this year to do a presentation to my students about the world skills competition. Funny that I just nicked some firewood off my brother, spalted beech, what a waste!
    All the best,
    Merry Christmas,

    1. Hi Berin,
      I know Steve quite well, we meet twice a year at the Yandles show, he has a stand promoting Bridgewater College. Blake helps him out, he's a nice lad and a very talented woodworker.
      You're doing a fine job with the Japanese tools.
      All the best, David.